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After the Prom...

Keep the memories forever with our newest corsage jewelry...

When the flowers have faded away you'll always have the beautiful bracelet to remember your prom night.

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000_0024.jpg (36736 bytes)

New Cuff Corsage with 
matching Boutonnière

0024-2.jpg (36609 bytes)

New Stylish Cuff 
fits perfectly

000_0019.jpg (25741 bytes)

Hot Lime Green Cuff
with magnetic bout

000_0041.jpg (54880 bytes)

Astro Lily and Daisy 
Wire Wrap

000_0031.jpg (48375 bytes)

Bouquet of Flowers
to match her flowers

000_0021.jpg (37436 bytes)

Keepsake Corsage
with Magnetic bout

000_0030.jpg (39881 bytes)

Keepsake Corsage
with Magnetic bout

000_0032.jpg (42741 bytes)
Jelly Keepsake, also in
purple, aqua blue, orange
000_0033.jpg (46972 bytes)

Pop Rock

000_0034.jpg (39235 bytes)

Rock Candy

000_0037.jpg (52164 bytes)

Rock Candy

000_0035.jpg (43613 bytes)

Ice Princess

000_0038.jpg (40436 bytes)

Ice Princess

000_0039.jpg (41033 bytes)

Ice Princess

000_0036.jpg (43406 bytes)

Queen Bee

000_0040.jpg (34183 bytes)

Queen Bee


Note: Queen Bee is also available in Green and Diamond

Stop in or call for prices...

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